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Cathi March 27, 2014 at 07:48 AM
Babies having babies has little to do with "education" or use of birth control. It hasRead Moremo re to do with the break down of the family, welfare as a way of life and being responsible for raising our children. Let Hillary look into the research of infertility and increase risk of cancer as a result of being on "the pill".Do birth control pills raise the risk of breast cancer? Women who take birth control pills have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer (about 20 to 30 percent) compared to women not on the pill.1-2 This extra risk, though, is quite small because the risk of breast cancer for most young women is low.1-2 And, the extra risk goes away fairly quickly after women stop taking the pill.1-2 Four years after stopping, breast cancer risk linked to the pill drops by half. Nine years after, it nearly goes away completely.1-2 What’s the bottom line on birth control pills and breast cancer? Birth control pills have both risks and benefits. The risks are lower for younger women than for older women. Even though the risk of breast cancer and heart attack are increased while women are taking the pill, most women who take the pill are young. Therefore, these women are at very low risk overall of developing those conditions, so the absolute increase in risk is small. For most young women, the benefits of birth control pills will outweigh the risks, especially since the breast cancer risk drops when a woman stops taking them. However, before you begin taking birth control pills (or if you are currently taking them and haven’t done so already), it’s best to discuss their benefits and risks with your health care provider. http://ww5.komen.org/Content.aspx?id=19327356466
District 4 Coalition for Change March 27, 2014 at 08:57 AM
Education on how NOT to get pregnant DOES deter unwanted pregnancy. Simple common sense. PeopleRead Moreha ve sex and have had sex throughout history. History shows that women have been abused and raped throughout history too and up until recently had no voice or control over their circumstance or destiny. Congressman Smith wants NO BIRTH CONTROL AND NO ABORTION. He created the HR3 Bill to water down the definition of rape to forcible rape so that rape victims that become pregnant cannot seek abortions unless they can prove forcible rape. Which means a child that was raped and impregnated by a family member would not be considered rape or a women that was drugged and forced upon. The victim would have to be badly beaten or worse to have her case considered forcible rape under Smith's definition. That is barbaric! Aside from the recklessness of the bill he is empowering rapists! To add insult to injury, he voted against the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMENS ACT OF 2013. WOMEN NEED TO KNOW SMITH'S VIOLENT ANTI WOMEN STANCE. WOMEN MUST CHOOSE WHAT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST AND THE BEST INTEREST FOR THEIR FAMILIES. CONGRESSMAN SMITH IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.
Cathi March 28, 2014 at 04:02 PM
Sir, I'm convinced you're a man. You truly don't have any idea what you're talking about. Check out Read Morethe statistic on the age of those that choose abortion - Women between the ages of 15 and 19 account for about 19% of all abortions; women 20 to 24 account for another 33%; and about 25% of abortions are obtained by women who are 30 or older.4 Calculating abortion rates, older teenagers and young adults have the highest abortion rates, while women younger than 15 and older than 35 have the lowest. It's not a lack of knowing how NOT to get pregnant that causes pregnancy, it's a behavior. Birth control is NOT healthcare. As a woman and a mother, Congressman Smith DOES care about and works on the behalf of MOST woman.