Hurricane Sandy Damages Nearly 400 Homes In Wall

New report from NJSpotlight.com maps damage town-by-town

Nearly 400 homes and almost 2,200 businesses were damaged in November by Hurricane Sandy, according to a new report.

NJ Department of Community Affairs data was analyzed by NJSpotlight and released last week. The report found that 386 homes and 2,199 businesses in Wall were damaged by the November storm.

Of those, the vast majority of homeowners, or 351, reported only minor damage, calcluated as $8,000 or less. Major damage, calculated as $8,000 to $28,800, was reported in 31 of those cases. A small number, 4 homeowners, reported severe damage, calculated as more than $28,800, according to the report.

A dozen rental unit also were damaged in the storm, including seven reporting moderate, four major and one severe, according to the report.

"By far, the largest number of housing units damaged was in sprawling Toms River, which includes Ortley Beach – an area so hard-hit that residents were not allowed back home for more than three months after the late October storm. More than 8,800 residences, nearly 90 percent of those individual houses, were damaged, 1,000 severely," according to NJSpotlight.


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