Tires A-Go-Go

Located in an airplane hanger, Triple C piles tires high

What: Triple C Tires.

Who: Chris Convery, owner.

Where: 1630 Wyckoff Road.

When: Everyday, 9-6 p.m.

Off The Wall? Triple C is among the most unusual tire businesses you’ll find anywhere, and certainly in Wall Township. Its address is technically on Wyckoff Road, just west of Route 34, but that’s only half the story.

In order to find it, you first have to use a little-used entrance to the Monmouth Executive Airport. There is no sign to announce you’re in the right place, so you just have to trust you are.

Round the corner and you’re just yards away from the airstrip, where banner planes heading to the shore take off and land with regularity. To the left, in the first three blue metal airplane hangers are about 7,000 new and used tires stacked five feet high.

You’ve found Triple C, deriving its name from the initials of owner Chris C. Convery. The middle C is a mystery.

Tires are sized, matched, removed, balanced and mounted while you wait. There is no lounge. Pull up a tire if you need to sit, and bring your own coffee while “Hollywood" – Triple C’s star employee - tends to your vehicle.

Hollywood – whose nickname is a derivation of his first and middle names, “Herbert” and “Wilson” -- has been in the tire business a long while. He hails from Alabama, along with his 16 brothers and sisters.

Convery says he has the largest selection of good used tires in the state, a claim that can’t really be verified. But he does have enough to fill three airplane hangers, so that’s got to at least put him in contention.

Be prepared to wait a little bit, however, Convery’s little shop by the airstrip can attract a good-sized crowd.

Triple C can be contacted by calling: (732) 996-1122.


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