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GSQMRC Holds Annual Turkey Derby

The Garden State Quarter Midget Racing Club held its Annual Turkey Derby this past weekend at Lil' Wall Stadium.

The Garden State Quarter Midget Racing Club held its annual Turkey Derby weekend after a two-week delay. Friday night found some of the drivers practicing after the layoff as well as the families enjoying an early Thanksgiving dinner provided by the track caterer, DRJ Catering.

Saturday morning dawned with a bright sun and clear blue skies. Racing started at 9:30 after the handlers/drivers meeting at 9. After the heats and most of the B-mains were run, the club invited the retiring drivers to participate in the Retiring Drivers parade - a highlight to the club's Turkey Derby every year.  This year's retiring drivers were Gary Weisgerber, Ryan Gerber, Brandon Traino, Trevor Schwarz and Jack Ely.

Next up on the agenda were the A-mains.  Winners included:  Justin Grosso, Brandon Shipley, Jacob Descoteau, Joey Bailey, Shawna Winters and Brandon Grosso.  Kiel Cochran would steal the show with three wins in Senior Honda, Light 160 and Light World Formula with Jack Ely taking one last victory lap in his Heavy 160 A-main.

Racing resumes next March with the opening Annual Garden State Classic weekend.  Watch the club website, www.gardenstateqmrc.com , for details.


Junior Animal Heat 1:  Justin Grosso, Brandon Shipley, Shawn Erm, Cade LaGrassa, Scotty MacConnell, Anthony Warrington 
Junior Animal Heat 2:  Peter Hegel, Shane Emmons, Ryan Bilello, Ryan Kuhlthau, Ethan Brown Senior Animal Heat:  Joshua Patterson, Kiel Cochran, Brooklyn Gable 
Junior Honda Heat 1:  Brandon Shipley, Ryan Bilello, Shawn Erm, Cade LaGrassa, Peter Hegel, Ethan Brown, Anthony Warrington 
Junior Honda Heat 2:  Justin Grosso, Shane Emmons, Scotty MacConnell, Ryan Boyd, Stephen Puglisi, Thomas Prychka 
Senior Honda Heat 1:  Sean Vuksanic, Brooklyn Gable, Justin Emmons, Ian Gillespie, Loren Poppe, Gary Weisgerber, AJ Schroeder 
Senior Honda Heat 2:  Anthony Payne, Jake Bailey, Jacob Descoteau, Glen Gargiulo, Drew Gerber, Cole Mullen, Sierra Wilson 
Heavy Honda Heat 1:  Brandon Grosso, Kyle Scisco, Ryan Gerber, Jack Ely, Brian Osborn, Colin Bustard, Paul Buzel, Jamie McAnally 
Heavy Honda Heat 2:  Joey Bailey, Zack Haspel, Madison Boyd, Madison Pesavage, John Vuksanic, Cameron Michales, Travis Schwarz, Taylor Gerber

Mod Heat:  Jake Bailey, Shawna Winters, Branden Pavel

 Light 160 Heat 1:  Kiel Cochran, Brooklyn Gable, Jake Bailey, Ryan MacConnell, Loren Poppe, Shane Emmons, Branden Pavel, Kyle Mulholland 
Light 160 Heat 2:  Jacob Descoteau, Joshua Patterson, Glen Gargiulo, Anthony Payne, Ian Gillespie, Drew Gerber, Dylan Mulholland 
Heavy 160 Heat 1:  Brandon Traino, Colin Bustard, Dylan McCrone, Shawna Winters, PJ Spernal, Jamie McAnally, Paul Buzel 
Heavy 160 Heat 2:  Jack Ely, Joey Bailey, Brandon Grosso, Ryan Gerber, Brian Osborn, Madison Boyd, Zack Haspel


Light World Formula Heat:  Joshua Patterson, Kiel Cochran, Ryan MacConnell, Anthony Payne, Ian Gillespie

Heavy World Formula Heat:  Jack Ely, Shawna Winters, Brandon Grosso, Joey Bailey, Zack Haspel, Dylan McCrone, David McCrone, Trevor Schwarz 

Junior Animal B Main: Shawn Erm, Scotty MacConnell, Cade LaGrassa, Ryan Kuhlthau, Ethan Brown, Anthony Warrington, Ryan Bilello

Junior Honda B Main:  Shawn Erm, Stephen Puglisi, Ryan Boyd, Cade LaGrassa, Scotty MacConnell, Thomas Prychka, Ethan Brown, Anthony Warrington, Peter Hegel 

Senior Honda B Main:  Glen Gargiulo, Ian Gillespie, Drew Gerber, Cole Mullen, Sierra Wilson, AJ Schroeder, Gary Weisgerber 

Heavy Honda B Main:  Jack Ely, Madison Pesavage, Brian Osborn, Colin Bustard, Taylor Gerber, Jamie McAnally, Cameron Michales, Travis Schwarz, John Vuksanic 

Light 160 B Main:  Anthony Payne, Ryan MacConnell, Kyle Mulholland, Branden Pavel, Ian Gillespie, Loren Poppe, Shane Emmons, Drew Gerber, Dylan Mulholland 

Heavy 160 B Main:  Ryan Gerber, Shawna Winters, Brian Osborn, Madison Boyd, Zack Haspel, PJ Spernal, Jamie McAnally, Travis Schwarz 

Junior Animal A Main:  Justin Grosso, Brandon Shipley, Shane Emmons, Shawn Erm, Peter Hegel, Cade LaGrassa, Scotty MacConnell, Ryan Kuhlthau, Ethan Brown 

Senior Animal A Main:  Kiel Cochran, Joshua Patterson, Brooklyn Gable 

Junior Honda A Main:  Brandon Shipley, Shane Emmons, Justin Grosso, Shawn Erm, Ryan Boyd, Stephen Puglisi, Cade LaGrassa, Ryan Bilello 

Senior Honda A Main:  Jacob Descoteau, Drew Gerber, Anthony Payne, Ian Gillespie, Justin Emmons, Cole Mullen, Glen Gargiulo, Jake Bailey, Sean Vuksanic, Brooklyn Gable 

Heavy Honda A Main:  Joey Bailey, Jack Ely, Colin Bustard, Brian Osborn, Kyle Scisco, Zack Haspel, Madison Boyd, Madison Pesavage, Brandon Grosso, Ryan Gerber 

Mod A Main:  Shawna Winters, Branden Pavel, Jake Bailey 

Light 160 A Main:  Kiel Cochran, Jacob Descoteau, Brooklyn Gable, Joshua Patterson, Branden Pavel, Jake Bailey, Kyle Mulholland, Ryan MacConnell, Glen Gargiulo, Anthony Payne, Loren Poppe 

Heavy 160 A Main:  Jack Ely, Joey Bailey, Brandon Grosso, Colin Bustard, Brian Osborn, Brandon Traino, Ryan Gerber, Madison Boyd, Shawna Winters, Dylan McCrone, PJ Spernal 

Light World Formula A Main:  Kiel Cochran, Ryan MacConnell, Anthony Payne, Ian Gillespie, Joshua Patterson 

Heavy World Formula A Main:  Brandon Grosso, Jack Ely, Shawna Winters, Dylan McCrone, Joey Bailey, David McCrone, Trevor Schwarz, Zack Haspel  

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