VIDEO: Truckful of Generators Causes Mayhem In North Wall

Traveling generator sales attracts throngs of people to Camp Evans parking lot

Just like last year, the winds of a hurricane on Monday blew in a freelance generator sales operation out of Ohio.

Just like last year, the same generator sales truck attracted throngs of customers queuing up to hand over hundreds of dollars to buy what are likely the only gas-powered generators for miles.

But this year, no one was surprised. The dozens of people who crowded around the 14-foot box truck emblazoned with the words "Generator City'' had already paid for their goods and were there to pick up their wares.

But how did anyone know?

"Facebook,'' said one proud owner of three generators, at around $500 a piece. "These are all pre-ordered.''

That didn't stop the hordes of people from waiting in the pouring rain and pelting wind to get their hands on portable, gas-powered electricity generators.

Busy workers inside the truck said they would be back again Tuesday, until supplies were gone.


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