Automated Recycling Cans Start Going to Residents This Week

Automated recycling expected to begin in 4-6 weeks

Brick residents will begin receiving automated recycling cans Wednesday.

The 95-gallon cans will be the same size as residents' current trash cans, and as a result, pickup will be switched to a bi-weekly schedule from weekly pickup.

The township expects the assembly and delivery of the cans to all residents' homes will be complete in four to six weeks. Once every home in the township has an automated can, the town will begin its automated collection, Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis said in a statement.

"The move to automated recycling will provide long term savings to taxpayers through decreased landfill tipping fees and increased recycling revenue," said Acropolis. "Based on our conversations with other towns that automated their recycling, we expect a significant increase in the amount our citizens recycle."

The automated recycling program will also allow the township to "redeploy resources to other areas of need in the Public Works Department," said Acropolis.

Better participation in recycling could pay off for township taxpayers.

An uptick of 10 percent in recycling participation will mean a savings of about $200,000 for the township in tipping fees associated with normal garbage disposal at a landfill, Business Administrator Scott Pezarras has said.

Data collected by the township shows between 36 and 38 percent of residents recycle.

Identifying neighborhoods with low participation will get easier once the automated recycling program is in place, Pezarras said. Modern automated recycling cans come with tiny chips located inside that are tracked when the truck dumps its contents.

Pezarras said that will allow the township to target future informational campaigns with the intent of increasing participation.

Residents are being asked by the township to refrain from using the new cans until the program is actually in place and the new automated trucks are ready to begin their routes.

"Automated cans are not compatible with traditional recycling collection," said Public Works Director Glenn Campbell. "Our crews will not collect from homes that use the automated cans before the transition."

KC February 26, 2013 at 05:18 AM
Is assuring that fugly blue cans ensure a continuance of a Bricktucky sensibility also a law? I stand by my first reaction - These ARE looney bins!
Jerry Belle March 07, 2013 at 07:34 PM
I just received my can and the top is warped and bent and the plastic inner lip is broken in sections and bent; the can looks like it was put through the mill and someone went to town with a pair of pliers on it. I watched as they threw the can down in the truck and then down off the truck onto the street. Amazing.
read bull March 07, 2013 at 08:03 PM
not only did the can truck move 20 mph down herbertsville road at rush hour yesterday morning, they had the balls not to pull over and the 2 can-smashers on the back laughed at the mile-long traffic jam behind them! MORONS. JUST PLAIN MORONS.
clamdigger March 07, 2013 at 09:14 PM
so contact the DPW and tell them you want a new one, take pic.'s w/ a date stamp so they know it just happened. give them a little time because they are probably in the new distribution phase and might handle exchanges at a later date. my dumpster was delivered about 2 weeks ago w/ a warped lid that has since seated itself into a semi-normal position. i'm guessing w/ a little more time and some sun it will eventually be just fine.
jeffrey kretsch May 19, 2013 at 09:36 PM
yes, like on winding river lane. can i say names, i work hard to recycle it shows whos fake How could u not care if u have kids ?


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