FEMA Housing Recipients Must Prove Their Need Again

Those who have received rental assistance from Federal Emergency Management Agency following Superstorm Sandy can expect to be asked to prove their continued eligibility, according to a FEMA release.

Anyone who has received money from FEMA to offset rental costs can be expected to receive a letter from the agency asking for proof they still need FEMA money and that all previous money has been spent, the release says.

Anyone who has been living in a FEMA-provided temporary housing unit will be called by the agency to set up an appointment with a FEMA worker to assess the housing situation and work on a permanent housing plan, the release says.

The release says the “recertification’’ process is standard procedure for FEMA. There was no time line set for the start or for the completion of the process.

“Recertification is a standard process that FEMA uses to identify households who qualify for continued temporary housing assistance,” the release says.


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