Perfect Bacon Bowl Review - Do I Like The Product? Is it Worth the Price?

I found out about the Perfect Bacon Bowl, a device that promises you can cook delicious bowls of bacon in the oven, toaster, or microwave. Find out whether I like it or not in my review below.

Before I give you my Perfect Bacon Bowl review, I want to tell you a true story.

Popular: Where buyers are finding the Perfect Bacon Bowl at a crazy low price.

In our family, the kids have two Grandmothers. They have their Dad's Mother who is one of the best cooks around. The kids can't wait to go to her house to eat her delicious food.

On the other hand, there is my Mom who finds it a bit challenging to prepare the kids macaroni and cheese from the box. Don't get me wrong, my Mom is wonderful in other ways and the kids love her -- just not her food.

Unfortunately, she knows this and can sometimes get a little jealous when the kids start talking about their "other" Grandmother's cooking.

Everything Changed With the Perfect Bacon Bowl

The last time we visited Mom though, I am happy to report that all changed. As we woke up, the smell of bacon wafted upstairs (is there any better smell in the world)! We got dressed and headed down to breakfast. As we saw the table my Mom had set, it looked like a breakfast meant for royalty!

On the center of each plate she had placed a Perfect Bacon Bowl and filled it with scrambled eggs and cheese. Surrounding this, she had alternated fresh blueberries and fresh strawberries. It was a work of art. Bacon art.

"Dig in you guys!" she said with a smile. The kids sat down and began to gobble down. I could see my Mom's heart swell up with pride when my youngest boy blurted out, "Wow, this is better than Grandma Betty's famous ham and cheese omelets!" "And look how beautiful it is too... how did you do this Grandma?" my daughter chimed in. OK okay, so maybe I’m a little fuzzy on their exact wording – but you get the idea.

Popular: Where buyers are finding the Perfect Bacon Bowl at a crazy low price.

My Mom started to explain how she had seen a commercial for the Bacon Bowl on TV and how cool it looked. After the third time she saw the commercial, she couldn't resist any longer and she ordered a set. Then, after trying them out she ordered more.

"How does it work Mom?" I asked her. As Mom then began to explain how easy it was to use, my son asked, "Grandma can I have another one?" "Sure baby!" I could tell Mom was so happy she had cooked something the family liked. "How about the rest of you?" We all simultaneously said yes.

My Mom got out the Perfect Bacon Bowls and showed us how to lay the bacon first over the center and then wrap more pieces around this. She explained that you could just pop them in the microwave but said she preferred the oven method. It only took about two minutes to get all six bowls ready for the oven.

When I got home, I had to order some Perfect Bacon Bowls for our family, of course.

I love bacon and egg combos. However, when I put my perfectly crisped bacon in an omelet, it gets all soggy. With the Perfect Bacon Bowl, I get perfectly crisped bacon on the outside and yummy scrambled eggs on the inside. In addition to cheese, I like to scrambled the eggs with onions and fresh sage. This seems to be a perfect taste complement for a crispy bacon bowl.

My Favorite Benefit

I am now in love with Perfect Bacon Bowls. One reason is how easily I can now get the kids to eat salads. I could never do so before. Whenever I put a salad on the table, they'd just pick at it. Now, I make whole meals by filling a bacon bowl with salad. I always included a mixture of salad greens but I vary the rest of the ingredients.

One of my sons likes it when I put chopped up hard boiled eggs over the top. My other son likes finely shredded cheese, tomatoes, and black olives. This tastes a little like a bacon bowl Mexican salad. My daughter, the most finicky eater in our family, likes cucumbers mixed with ranch dressing.

I've always hated cooking raw bacon in a skillet. Don't get me wrong, I love the taste of crispy bacon fried up in a skillet. However, I always end up getting burned with the grease that pops up. Once, I even got hit dead in the eye with bacon grease. I immediately rinsed out my eye with cold water but my eye still burned and watered up about a week.

With the Perfect Bacon Bowl, I no longer have this problem. Even if I don't plan to fill it with anything, I use it to cook the bacon up perfectly without getting splattered with bacon grease on the stovetop. The Perfect Bacon Bowl also collects all the grease in a special groove and I don't even have to drain the bowl like I do with strips of bacon.

We also love to fill our Perfect Bacon Bowls with warm mashed potatoes and then let grated cheese melt on top of this. I like to sprinkle a few chives on this too. We're still experimenting and I'm sure we'll come up with other combos we love. Not only does it taste good, it's a fun way to cook even if you aren't a cook, like my Mom so pleasantly found out!

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