A message from Wall Township Mayor Jeffrey Foster

A message from Wall Township Mayor Jeffrey Foster


I do not normally post on blogs or comment in chat forums, but the November 7th comment made by Mr. Eric Brophy on the Wall Patch, was incorrect and must be addressed.  Mr. Brophy is not only an attorney, but is the Democratic Party Chairman in Wall Township who knows how to reach me; my cell phone # is public knowledge and is listed on the township webpage.  We are currently in a crisis situation and this is not the time for partisan politics.  Keep in mind, Mr. Brophy has a political agenda and his statements are not accurate or reliable.  Right now, our main concerns are for those without electricity and heat.  A major portion of North Wall and some areas in the Sea Girt section have not had power for 10 days.  This includes my own personal auto repair business and home.  I have no connection with the Racestar gas station and its sales as Mr. Brophy stated.  On November 1st, the owner of Racestar informed me there were 7,000 gallons of fuel in the ground but no power to the station. He subsequently purchased a generator and had it installed at his own cost, so the residents of Wall would have fuel for their generators and cars; It is my understanding that gas prices were never changed from those which were being charged prior to the storm.  Wall Township Police Department was notified that he would be opening until he ran out of fuel, which is what happened.  The Wall Township Police Department and resident customers were very appreciative of this process.

More importantly, I would like to provide the Patch readers with a brief power update. The Township Committee is very concerned about all of our areas without power and especially the condition of the Glendola Substation located at the corner of Marconi Road and Brighton Avenue which was flooded out by a 13ft tidal surge.  Last week, JCP&L brought in a mobile unit to switch over the power.  They had hoped to re-energize the system one phase at a time (there are a total of 4 phases) in hopes of restoring power two days ago.  However, we were informed that continued complications have been encountered by JCP&L during their efforts. 

Furthermore, we are proud of the efforts of our municipal employees including the Police and Public Works Departments in an effort to eliminate road hazards throughout the Township.  However, last night’s nor'easter, has caused them to encounter more downed trees and wires, which complicated all of our efforts. 

I understand everyone's concerns and frustrations.  Three of the five Township Committee members are also without JCP&L services at this time.  We understand there must be changes in the Marconi power station – to elevate it or to move it.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Keith Brown from the Wall Patch for working with us on an almost hourly basis, beginning last Monday before the storm even started, in an effort to provide public information.  Please see attached storm updates sent from the Wall Police Department.  Since 10/29/12 the Wall Police Department has issued 26 press releases to local news media outlets.  These updates are sent from the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) as a Press Release, and are forwarded to local news organizations as they become available.

Please call 1-888-LIGHTSS to report any power outages or electrical wires that are down.  Also, for the most recent and accurate updates, please register for Global Connect on the Wall Township Police webpage (www.wallpolice.org).  I cannot emphasize enough the need for all residents to go online, through your own system, or if without power, through a neighbor or friend's system, and register your cell phones for Global Connect.  That is the primary way we can get information out to our residents in any type of emergency.



Mayor, Wall Township

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Dave H November 09, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Its not our $%^& job as taxpayers to reach out for the Mayor/Committee. Its THEIR job to communicate and be honest. As of yesterday you had JCPL communicate Power would be up for ALL of Wall, yet the map showed roughly 1600 still out by the 12th. The Press and Patch say tomorrow, but map on JCPL site still does not show what has been communicated. Why would the Police dispute what JCPL says...regardless of all of this if someone would say u will be up by a certain date..then we deal with it and make plans.
JWR711 November 09, 2012 at 05:47 PM
I just received a Global Connect call explaining your concerns you just listed. It may be a good idea for you to sign up and your questions will be answered.
Kevin Giblin November 09, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Angela, I have signed up for the global connect. I am not looking for a record message from the OEM that never told of us of the daily progress. I am looking for the mayor and committee to be out front and informing the whole town about what is going on, not just the neighbors of the committee. I read the patch when I got to work and never read any announcements from the mayor, besides, most people didn't have access to the internet because there was no power. I agree, the patch has been great, the mayor and the committee have not. I applaud the workers that are out restoring power.
Margie P. November 09, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Last I remember is that the Mayor and committee colaborate with police and all personnel to keep the town informed and safe. Glad I was smart enough to be signed up to Global Connect on my cell phone and fortunate enough to have Internet on my phone to read Wall Patch. Communication has been great through this rough time. Lucky, all we lost was our power unlike folks who live in Long Island and Belmar. Thank you to all who serve Wall and if I ever have any problems I will contact the town directly through phone and not pathetically rant on a blog.
k November 10, 2012 at 04:23 PM
I know first hand about losing power. I loss it for 10 days so I know how hard it is and understand the frustration for those who still does not have power. I consider myself lucky compared what others are going through...There is many who loss their homes, personal belongings and have no where to go. They are misplaced and scrambling to find a place to live temporary. Some will not get back in to their house for months if at all. People need to sit back and be thankful for what they do have. I am really surprised there was not more deaths do to this storm. I pray for those families who actually did lose a loved one, their homes and belongings such as photos that they can never get back. I don't think some realize the magnitude of this storm. They think it is like nothing, no big deal...I just want my power back...Yes it is frustrating but thank your lucky stars that is all it is. What I have seen is devastating. Cut Officials a break, PSE&G...they are doing the best that they can under the circumstances. They are worried and working night and day. It is not as easy as most are making it out to be. This Storm is biggest storm that the East Coast has ever seen and had to deal with. Unfortunately when that happens we all learn and we need all the help we can get...So go out and help and contribute your time to others who need it more than you do.


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