Bad Weather, Good Stories

Looking ahead at Feb. 8, 2011

Good Morning, Wall.

It’s going to be cold. And it’s going to rain, or snow, or just generally be miserable this morning.

Forecasters never use words like “miserable,’’ no matter how accurate they may be. But take a look outside and tell me you’re not using a word at least as strong.

The Planning Board last night approved three applications. One of them might be in your neighborhood, so check back for that report.

We also caught up with a former Wall High School grad who's out west making feature films. You’ll learn her story later this morning.

And tonight, the Board of Education meets for the first time since approving a formal study on what Wall Township would look like without West Belmar School. Meanwhile, the Save Wall Schools group has been steadily growing. We’ll bring you that story tonight.

So try  to take it slow this morning. It’s likely pretty miserable, no matter what polite forecasters call it.

Have a good day,



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