Round Two: Another Day, More Without Power

JCP&L Reports that about 4,500 without power after Nor'easter blows through

Q: Is it better to have gotten power restored and then lost it again, or to have never gotten it back at all?

A: They both stink of fetid acrimony.

It’s Day 10 without power for some in town. For others, it’s the second Day 1 in 10 days.

As I write this, the Nor’easter that blew through town dropping what looks to be about a foot of snow and taking down power lines and trees everywhere, has left thousands without power, following a week where the Jersey Central Power & Light seems, well, powerless to restore electricity to about 3,500 Wall residents.

Standing outside Wall Patch World Headquarters overnight, I could hear branches falling all over the neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in that. And it increased the number of reported outages to 4,800, according to the utility company.

And those predictions for 3’’ to 6’’ inches? I’m no meteorologist by a long shot, but I’m thinking those were significantly off.

All but about 11 homes in Wall are still fully in tact. For this, we’re all grateful. It is far, far worse in other places. We are, without doubt, lucky to be able to complain about what amounts to inconvenience, since we escaped wholesale devastation.

But the “Little House On The Prarie’’ routine is getting a little stale, isn’t it, Paw?

If you have snow pictures, post them to the site!


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