Are You Ready For The 'Polar Vortex?'

As more severe weather moves into town, are you ready?

A cold snap the likes of which some of the nation has never seen is headed east after plunging much of the midwest into brutally cold temperatures.

Meteorologists are calling the arctic blast a "polar vortex," and it has pelted areas such as Minnesota with temperatures 20 degrees below zero or worse, closing Minneapolis schools for the first time in 17 years. In Michigan, an Amtrak train bound for Chicago froze in place for 9 hours overnight Sunday, according to NBC News.

The cold front is expected to move to New Jersey late Monday and into Tuesday, dragging temperatures down 40 degrees in some areas.

In the Wall Township-Belmar-Manasquan area, wind chill temperatures are expected to fall to -10 degrees overnight. Tuesday's high temperature will reach only 12 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Are you ready for this newest round of severe weather? Discuss in the comments.


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