Arts Council Shines Spotlight on Damaged Belmar First Aid Squad

Donations needed to help rebuild

Among the organizations devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the Belmar First Aid Squad saw its building as well as its equipment damaged by the storm.

As the first aid squad begins to rebuild, the Belmar First Aid Council came to its aid, attempting to spread the word about the squad's need for monetary donations.

This video was produced by the Belmar Arts Council, aiming to shine the spotlight on the first aid squad, as a way to generate interest in the first aid squad.

The video rolls out the red carpet for the historical figures of the Belmar First Aid Squad, which according to borough history is the nation's first independent first aid squad.

Founded in 1927, the first aid squad's archive photos were used for the video, displaying much of the Belmar institution's history.

To donate: Belmar First Aid Squad at PO Box 636, Belmar NJ 07719


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