Holmdel Bovines Spotted Off Parkway

Holmdel Police were called to wrangle cows on the loose near the

Three Holmdel cows from the W.H. Potter Farm walked through a broken fence on Thursday, and wandered a bit too close to the Garden State Parkway, authorities said.

NJ State Police called the Holmdel Police to report cows on the loose. The two agencies and farm workers tracked down a black, a white, and a spotted cow near Twin Brooks Court. They were herded back to the farm. 

"It was just some dopey cows that decided to go out for a walk," said Bill Von Pier, a repair shop worker who helped rassle the cows. "They never got onto the parkway."

He said a tree must have fallen on the fence during a recent storm and the cows saw an opportunity.  

The animals' owner was away on vacation, Von Pier said. 

No summonses were issued, Holmdel Police Lt. Michael Smith said.

Richard Mackay August 20, 2012 at 01:58 AM
I had heard in an effort to save money the state has stopped mowing the grass along the Parkway and is now distributing cows every mile or so to eat the grass.This is called the new "moooooing program" and for a small nominal fee you will be allowed to milk the cows and take the milk home to your family and if this pilot program works out they will be selling the space on the side of the cows for advertising. I love it.....anyway to make a buck to keep our taxes low.


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