Police: Long Branch High School Student Videotaped Girl Getting Undressed in Locker Room

Student charged with invasion of privacy

A Long Branch High School student has been charged with invasion of privacy for allegedly videotaping a female student who was getting undressed in the school's locker room.

Tyler Gabriel, 18, of Washington St. was charged on Monday, Jan. 28, and was released on a summons, according to Long Branch Police Capt. Jason Roebuck.

Roebuck said the Long Branch Police Department was contacted by the Long Branch High School "in regards to an apparent invasion of privacy that occurred in the past on the school grounds."

Roebuck said four students were brought to the Long Branch Police Department, but the investigation revealed that only Gabriel was responsible for videotaping the girl.

"This was done by leaving a cell phone in a gym bag in the room," Roebuck said. "The female student was videotaped while undressing, but was not fully nude at any time."

The other three students were released and returned home.

Roebuck said the investigation into the incident is ongoing and that police are working "hand in hand" with the Long Branch Board of Education. The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office was also notified of the incident.

Long Branch School District Superintendent Michael Salvatore issued the following statement on Tuesday evening:

“On Monday morning, Jan. 28, school officials became aware of alleged criminal conduct that may have taken place in the Long Branch High School. School administration immediately turned the matter over to the Long Branch Police Department. The Board of Education and the district officials have been, and will continue to cooperate with the Long Branch Police Department in respect to the investigation. As this matter involves the privacy rights of students, the Long Branch Board of Education and District Administration cannot comment any further at this time."

Momof4 January 31, 2013 at 05:22 PM
It's a shame this happened. It's sad to know that only this one kid Tyler will pay the price for all of them. They should all receive the same punishment . Tyler is the one responsible but who knows if it was his idea? It could have been his friends who told him to do it.
Ken February 02, 2013 at 06:12 PM
I would like to know how a boy got a gym bag in the girls locker room to begin with? Let alone set it up with a camera to videotape a girl getting undressed.
Marilyn R. February 04, 2013 at 03:07 PM
Have we forgotten something here? This is not a case of "invasion of privacy". This boy is a sexual predator! He was hoping to get a picture of girls naked, and Lord only knows what he would do with it afterwards. He should be charged more harshly. Secondly, let's not forget, he is 18, no longer a "kid" by the law.
Thomas A. Blasi February 04, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Far be it for me to furnish you with answers about this individual, since the story broke I have not kept up with it. I am also looking at this from a different perspective too. Back about 100 years ago when I was 18 we did silly sometimes ‘crazy’ things that boys did. No, nothing like what this individual did but we did crazy things that in today’s society, by today’s standards would not be tolerated and so I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe he did what he did not realizing the consequences of his actions. Does it make it right? No. He did a stupid thing and now, if convicted he’s going to have a criminal record and probably get thrown out of school.
Christina Werner March 26, 2013 at 06:27 AM
Yeah right?


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