Police: Pedestrians Struck, Disorderly Persons Arrests, But Belmar Parade Generally 'Family-Friendly'

Evening patrols will be looking for drunken driving

Policing an influx of an estimated 90,000 visitors to Belmar on parade day did not go without incident for Belmar Police, who had made four arrests by evening and responded to a report of people struck a moving vehicle.

Belmar Police Chief Thomas Palmisano said two people were struck by a vehicle at Route 71 and 16th Avenue in Belmar, requiring transport to Jersey Shore Medical Center before 10 p.m. Sunday.

Palmisano said the pair were conscious, but one had a head injury. First responders remained on the scene after 10:30 p.m. as traffic continued to slow in the area. The names of the victims and the circumstances of the accident were not released Sunday evening.

Another motor vehicle accident around 3:15 p.m. at Route 35 and 8th Avenue resulted in three vehicles being towed from the scene, a witness reported. One of the drivers was treated for cuts in the collision.

As far as arrests on parade day, Palmisano said through the evening few arrests were made.

Palmisano said the incidents were disorderly persons reports, and that most parade-goers were "well-behaved."

"With all outside agencies, we probably had about 110 patrol units, from the County Prosecutor's Office, Sheriff's Department, Neptune City, Wall, and others," Palmisano said. 

He said there were about four arrests throughout the day, all of which were for disorderly conduct. 

"Everyone was pretty well behaved for the amount of people we had today. I would say they had every bit of 50,000 people out today," Palmisano said "Most of them were just here to have fun. It was very family oriented, and when you looked at who was standing on the streets, you could see tons of young children there."

Bar patrons were greeted by event barricades as security processed lines of customers hoping to enter places such as The Boathouse, Connolly Station and Bar Anticipation, many of which began serving at 7 a.m. Auxiliary and regular officers were stationed nearby, as well as at prominent intersections to help direct traffic or maintain the parade route.

Additional trains rolling between Bay Head and Long Branch carrying passengers north and south to Belmar were patrolled by transit police, who watched over packed trains that were standing room only in the morning. A mobile unit of the Belmar Police was stationed at the train station at 4 p.m.

The borough this year had to contend with the patrolling of a construction zone, Ocean Avenue, which was open to help ease parade parking and gridlock. And an executive order allowed three more places to serve alcohol in Belmar than would normally exist on parade day: seasonal liquor licenses were approved to serve alcohol beginning March 1 this year instead of May 1.

As the town shifted to evening, Palmisano said there were patrols in the area looking for anyone who may be drinking and driving.

"Hopefully there won't be any," he said.


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