Town Council to Decide Fire District Tax Rate

Residents in East Dover, downtown, south of Route 37 and Ocean Beach affected by budget before council tomorrow

that failed to pass voters will be in the hands of the township council, who will decide the fate of the spending plan and tax rate.

District 1, which is served by East Dover, Ocean Beach, and Toms River Fire Co. 1 & 2, asked voters to approve a $7.3 million budget, and failed by 16 votes in February's election day.

There were 399 no votes, and 383 voted yes.

As a result, the budget will be decided by the township council. The public hearing on the budget is scheduled for tomorrow's town council meeting, at 6 p.m. in town hall.

After the hearing is held the council will decide the fate of the budget at future council meetings. Tomorrow's meeting is a chance for the public to weigh in on whether the council should cut from the budget and where, or if it should stay the same.

According to the Fire District 1 Business Administrator Brian Kubiel, who is also member of the , the tax rate for district 1 grew slightly over 2011.

The tax rate for 2011 was $0.0404 and the 2012 rate as proposed is $0.0428. 

The fire budget pays for the administration, equipment, insurance and hydrant rental, among other expenses.

Attached is the 2012 budget as it was proposed for voters. Also attached is a budget comparison of 2011 to 2012, as prepared by Kubiel.

The Feb. 18 election saw a defeat of the proposed budget, as well as a winning over the incumbent by a small margin. Several appropriation questions passed and are not part of tomorrow's discussion.

joe smith March 15, 2012 at 09:24 PM
to andy, town and population is not relavent. We pay for dispatching, fire hydrants(same price),bureau of fire prevention however cost for that are usually offset by state funding.im sure TR is same, accountant, clerk,lawyer,5 commissioners,9 paid fireman(not janitors) with benefits.wasteful spending 1. all volunteer according to fliers and fund drive however almost 2 million in employee cost, health benefits almost 1.3 million, thahts unreal by itself. I recieved $5500 for my salary THATS IT. we know all budgets are padded to prepare for failed budgets. I know this is true so please I'm not a fool. I can conyinue with this budget but I'm glad to see the councils took something
Andy March 15, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Joe..... how can you say the town size and population is not relavent? Where were you a commissioner at? If my town is 48 square miles and your town is 25 square miles I am bound to have more hydrants then you, and my rental amount that I am being charged will be more. If I have a population of 97000 and you have a population of 65000, I will need more people to provide the services to meet the needs of the community. You say you are not a fool but those are foolish comments. I guess the fact that the council removed $220,000 from the budget also disproves your comment about the process being a "joke".
joe smith March 16, 2012 at 01:16 AM
andy your correct as far as hydrants I came from a smaller district but I'm not questioning hydrants. My problem is the amount spent on employees and health benefits even though it is an all volunteer fire co. A few other items such as travel reimbursment, other operating material and supplies,other appropriation expenses and I'm sure proffesional services can be trimmed. Your obviously a firefighter and comend all firefighters but in todays economy we need to be sensible thats all I,m saying. very suprised by our town council
Andy March 16, 2012 at 03:37 AM
........Joe, those benefits you are talking about are for the full-time dispatchers, the staff of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, the Board of Fire Commissioners staff, the Administrator, the commissioners themselves. All in all you are talking about 15 plus individuals that are full-time employees who do receive medical, dental etc. Some of these benefits are with contract employees, which aren't even open for negotiation until the contract is up for renewal. I agree there is always room to sharpen the pencil.....but Joe you were a Fire Commissioner.......to make a generalization that the budget is full of "wasteful spending" is not a fair statement.
Exit82 March 16, 2012 at 04:25 AM
How many commissioners are employeed by Toms River Township?


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