Video Explains How NJ's Red Light Cameras Work

Video created by ATS, manufacturer of cameras used in Brick, other towns

One of the two vendors for New Jersey’s controversial red-light cameras has put out a video intended to provide a comprehensive look at the process — and clear up some persistent questions, according to a story posted on nj.com.

The video by American Traffic Solutions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sUzzc-4Zuo) is scheduled to be advertised on NJ.com and New Jersey 101.5, two media outlets that have had criticisms of the automated traffic cops at nearly 60 New Jersey intersections in 25 New Jersey municipalities.

The more than eight-minute video comes as New Jersey is set to enter into the last year of a five-year red-light camera pilot program that began in 2009.

ATS has cameras in 18 towns, including Brick (including at the intersection of Chambers Bridge Road and Route 70), Jersey City, Linden and Piscataway.

Does this video help clear up any misconceptions you have about the cameras? Have you ever received a red light camera ticket? How do you feel about the amount of the fine and how the money is used (also explained in video)? Are you against the cameras or do you think they are an effective tool in reducing traffic accidents? Please let us know in Comments.

To read full story, click on link above. And, as holiday traffic heats up, be careful out there. 


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