Township Professionals Still Researching Impact Of FEMA Advisory Base Flood Elevation Maps

New maps sure to be a topic of discussion at tonight's storm aftermath informational session at Berkeley Township Elementary School


The adoption of the Federal Emergency Management Agencies advisory base flood elevation maps was on the agenda at the last Township Council meeting in 2012.

But the ordinance was abruptly pulled from the agenda, after Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr. and Township Council members decided more time was needed to study how the maps would affect different sections in Berkeley.

Berkeley will eventually adopt the new guidelines, Amato said yesterday.

"These are advisories until FEMA adopts them," the mayor said. "That's why it's critical we do our due diligence."

"We hope to have some of the professionals input and evaluation within two weeks," Amato said. "However, additional information from FEMA and the state may impact the decision-making process and timeline."

The FEMA maps are sure to be discussed at a Superstorm Sandy recovery seminar from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight at the Berkeley Township Elementary School at 10 Emory Avenue in Bayville.

The information session is only for residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Space is limited to 500 residents. The session will be webcast live on Channel 22 here at http://ustre.am/TbDV for anyone who cannot attend.

FEMA representatives will be on hand to explain rebuilding options and discuss the newly-released advisory base flood elevation maps, the Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) program, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, the FEMA claims process and Small Business Administration programs.

Berkeley is a participating community in the National Flood Insurance Program, which entitles residents in certain zones to qualify for a 15 percent reduction in flood insurance premiums, Amato said.

The township's inclusion in the program also allows homeowners with flood insurance to qualify for ICC grants to raise their homes if they are more than 50 percent damaged, he said.

Chief Wahoo January 23, 2013 at 04:06 PM
No problem Amato. Take your time, no rush.
angel January 24, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Interesting meeting and mostly informative, with the exception of one of the township engineers who was rather abrupt and impatient with regard to our questions. Perhaps it would be advantageous to have someone who might be a little more helpful, as he holds to keys to the kingdom.


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