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Giving Thanks For Berkeley's Storm Warriors

Party planned for Dec. 2 at the Robert J. Everett Center at Berkeley Little League complex on Moorage Avenue for first responders and Public Works employees


They rose to answer the call of duty again and again before, during and after Hurricane Sandy ripped through sections of Bayville, South Seaside Park and Pelican island.

They went even though some of their homes were under water. They battled ferocious winds and flood waters to rescue those trapped in their homes. They fought fires.

They are Berkeley's first responders - fire companies, first aid squads, police officers, underwater search and rescue teams. And after Sandy was finally gone, public works employees slogged through 16-hour days to pick up storm debris, furniture and the remnants of people's lives.

Berkeley will say thank you to all of them with a "Football Party" at the Robert J. Everett Community Center at the Berkeley Little League complex from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Dec. 2.

"The last few weeks have been unlike anything our township has faced in the past," Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr. said. "The council and I, as well as our residents, are very appreciative of the hard work all of our employees and volunteers have done. As our recovery efforts continue we would like to give our team and their families a day of rest and relaxation, while enjoying some great football action."" 

Berkeley Little League will have multiple HD TVs with all the local game action, ping pong and games for children. A free buffet with food donated from local restaurants, businesses and residents will be served throughout the day by volunteers from Berkeley Little League.

"I was speaking to Mayor Amato after one of the council's storm update meetings and remarked how well, considering the scope of the disaster, our township had responded to this crisis," said League President Bob Everett. "I have heard many incredible stories of folks going above and beyond their call of duty and from grateful residents for the assistance provided."

Everett and Amato came up with the idea for a party together.

"With our leaders swamped with more important issues, I offered to have our league host and coordinate the event, so that they could focus on getting our town back together," Everett said.

Donations of pot luck dishes and supplies will be gladly accepted, but please contact the league first. Monetary donations can be made to Berkeley Little League, P.O. Box 172, Bayville, NJ 08721. Any excess funds will be donated to storm relief. No public funds will be used for the party.

Mama D November 24, 2012 at 02:54 AM
The First Responders where very good and yes they where all over I was out the First Day and it was pretty ruff and I think I'm still in shock.These Guys and Girls did so much and very Grateful and I see still all the mess out there when I drive around.I am Disabled and I don't know what I would have done without them.But I also see there is so much to be done and I wish I could do more myself since I have already took someone in after this storm.Also when I drive around and see the destruction I just feel so upset.So I hope everyone enjoys them self because I see there is so much more to be done.Thanks again all who where out there breaking your back to help out.I also hope from reading all the messages through the days from all the people who lost so much that soon things will get better soon.God Bless all and Good Luck to Everyone..
Dave November 28, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Our township took action from the start to recover from this disaster. We didn't wait for the federal government to tell us what to do. Thank you to our local emergency response teams, police & fire departments, and our mayor for their quick action and keeping our citizens safe as well as leading the recovery effort. Also, thank you to all those people who came from out of town and out of state to help get our community to get up and running again. Let's continue to help those who are still struggling.


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