How Government Works: Volunteers

Slew of people give up their time to help out Wall Township every year

Each year, a host of residents pledge their time an energy to work on specific areas of Wall Township. The various boards and committees help to forge opinion and contribute to the smooth functioning of the town which depends, arguably, as much on these unpaid volunteers as it does those who are paid, or contract with the municipality to perform services.

For 2013, the Township Committee appointed 30 volunteers to eight boards and committees at the governing body's organization meeting on Wednesday. The following is a list of who was appointed, by unanimous vote, and in what function:

Citizens Committee on Affordable Housing:

Gale Quinn, Term expires: 2015

Karen Babagelata, Term expires 2015

Marconi Advisory Committee:

Pete Lokerson, North Wall Little League representative: Term expires: 2013

Mobile Home Rent Stabilization and Control Board:

William P. Spillane, term expires: 2017

Sharri West, term expires 2017

Richard Heilmann, Term expires: 2013

Recreation Advisory Committee:

Jeff Jannorone, Term expires: 2015

Michael Dorrer, Term expires: 2015

James Kenny, Term expires: 2015

Joseph Klish, Term expires: 2015

Dan Hyde, President Wall Soccer Club, Term expires: 2013

Pete Lokerson, President NWLL, Term expires: 2013

Patrick Dacey, President SWLL, Term expires: 2013

James Lauro, President American Youth Football, Term expires: 2013

Community Relations/Community Alliance Committee:

Donna Mertens, Term expires: 2015

Carmine Venezia, Term expires: 2015

Pernilla Fisk, Term expires: 2015

Amy Gesualdi, Term expires 2015

Kathy Sircovitch, Term expires: 2014

Patti Mariconda, Term expires: 2013

Environmental Advisory Committee:

John Vanderslice, Term expires: 2015

Ellen Smith, Term expires: 2015

Robert Baumgartner, Term expires: 2015

Board of Adjustment:

Kevin Orender, Term expires: 2016

James Gray, Term expires: 2016

Robert Morris, Term expires: 2016

Mary L. Burne, Term expires: 2014

Mark Margadonna, Term expires: 2014

Planning Board:

Kristin Coman, Term expires 2016

Carl Braun, Term expires: 2016

Pete Lokerson, Term expires: 2013

Gene Ertle, Term expires: 2014


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