Left Turn At 17th Avenue Made Illegal

New ordinance bars drivers from making a left from the township road onto southbound Route 35

Where it was once perhaps inadvisable, it is now illegal.

Turning left from 17th Avenue onto southbound Route 35 was made illegal Wednesday by a unanimous vote of the Township Committee.

The vote was 4-0, with Committeeman George Newberry absent. No member of the committee nor the public spoke about the ordinance before the vote.

The measure was introduced at the Aug. 8 meeting.

Lori Tonti September 14, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Did they address when drivers try to drive straight across 4 lanes of traffic to get to the car dealer? My husband was in a car accident when an older man attempt to cross all 4 lanes of 35 to go take his car for repairs.
Phineas J Whoopee October 06, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Lets see how long it takes them to put up a sign showing its illegal. I'm guessing they won't put a sign up for a few weeks so they catch people who haven't learned of this yet further padding their budget


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