Professional Appointments Remain the Same for 2013

For the second year in a row, Democratic Committeeman Sean Sharkey opposed the appointment of township attorney and labor counsel at Tuesday’s annual reorganization meeting

In 2013, professional appointments will remain the same for Lacey Township.

at Tuesday’s annual reorganization meeting. George Gilmore was reappointed as township attorney while the firm Citta, Holzapfel and Zabarsky is once again labor counsel.

“Gilmore is the head of our opposition,” Sharkey previously said. “We were elected for change, and we would still like to see some change in positions.”

Gilmore is chairman of the Republican Party of Ocean County and has served as the Lacey Township attorney since the mid-1980s.

Last year, Sharkey voted against the labor counsel appointment because township employee furloughs were not handled appropriately.

Township employees, with the exception of the police department, were served 22 furlough days in 2010, taking a 20 percent cut in their salaries and ultimately saving the township $450,000, which later had to be paid back after grievances were filed.

Township attorney and labor counsel were appointed by a vote of 3-1. Democratic Committeewoman Helen DelaCruz was absent. 

A part from professionals, many volunteers were appointed for various committees.

“Every name we read out today is really doing something to help the community in one way or another,” Committeeman Gary Quinn said on Tuesday. “That’s truly what makes the community the great town that it is.”

Below is a list of appointments made at the reorganization meeting. Continue to follow Lacey Patch for more on the meeting.

........Position........ Appointee Township Attorney George R. Gilmore, Esq. of Gilmore and Monahan, P.A. Township Engineer James F. Stanton, P.E., P.P. of O'Donnell, Stanton and Associates Prosecutor Steven Zabarsky; Alternates: Christian E. Schlegel, Christopher J. Grenda and Sean J. Spinello Township Auditor William E. Antonides and Company Public Defender Christopher Reid, Esquire Conflict Public Defender Brian E. Rumpf, Esquire Labor Counsel James Holzapfel of Citta, Holzapfel & Zabarsky Bond Counsel John O. Bennett of Dilworth Paxson, LLP Township Physicians Doctor Theodore Ende and Doctor William Power Tax Map Maintenance Engineer East Coast Engineering Township Architect Lanuto Architecture, LLC Title Search Company Mid-State Abstract Company Appraisal Company Integra Realty Resources Director of Community Developmet John Curtin Recreation Director James Wioland Municipal Alliance Coordinator Heather Scanlon Emergency Management Coordinator Robert Resetar Substitute Sub-Code Officials Electrical: Ray Laliberte and James Kuipers; Plumbing: Matthew Baran and Mark Ritacco; Fire: Martin Tellecamp; Building: John Gerrity and Douglas Donohue Public Agency Affirmative Action Officer Veronica Laureigh Class I Special Officers Michael Hutman and Kenneth Martin School Crossing Guards Patricia Butynes, Elaine DeBenedetto, Michael Egolf, Karen Murphy; Substitutes: Jane Gardener, Anthony Mantarro and Kathleen Racioppi Safety Coordinator and an Alternate Karen Innamorato; Alternate: Casey Parker Representative to the Ocean County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund and the Municipal Excess Liability Join Insurance Fund Veronica Laureigh; Alternate: Mark Dykoff Representative and an Alternate to the Community Development Block Grant Committee Adrian Fanning; Alternate: Veronica Laureigh Class II Member to the Planning Board John Curtin Class III Member to the Planning Board Gary Quinn Clas IV Members to the Planning Board Josephine Whitleigh and Christopher Reid Alternate Member to the Planning Board Jerry Conaty as Alternate No. 1 and Robert Laureigh as Alternate No. 2 Members to the Zoning Board of Adjustment Colleen Bradley and Paul De Nicola Alternate Members to the Zoning Board of Adjustment Edward Scanlon as Alternate No. 1; Peter Curatolo as Alternate No. 2 Members to the Board of Health Joan Caperna, Nancy Bair and Gladys Anderson Alternate Members to the Board of Health Mary Jensen as Alternate No. 1 and Doreen Smolens as Alternate No. 2 Members to the Environmental Commission Donald Trapp, Mary Jensen and Steven Kennis Alternate Member to the Environmental Commission Joseph Gili Member to the Lacey Municipal Utilities Authority Richard Kennedy Member to the Economic Development Commission Lyle Smith Members to the ADA Committee Veronica Laureigh, Gladys Anderson, Andrew Repetti and Craig Tomalo; Dina LePenica as Alternate No. 1 and John Malone as Alternate No. 2 Members to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee Dave Most, Rosemarie Coffey, Lyle Smith, Joe Zaccaro, Bruce Connell, Casey Parker, Paul Cowan, John Racioppi, Jack Nosti, Donald Trapp and Nicholas Juliano Members to the Beautifiation Committee Eleanor Ditton, Fred Wolfrum, Lucille Masciale, Linda Salussolia, Jim Baran, Cathy Baran, Casey Parker, Bette-Jean Nosti, Holly Martin and Patricia Burke Members to the Senior Citizen Recreation Committee Gladys Anderson, Grace Desiervio, Marie Krieger, Mary Jensen and Fred Hand Members to the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee Mary Jensen, Marie Krieger, Mary Camburn, Gladys Anderson, Grace Desiervio, Eleanor Ditton and Paul de Ferrari Members to the Veterans Commission Bernard Snyder, Dave Elbertson, Pete Borchester, Jim Wilson, Bruce Baker, Roy Johnsen, Howard Toms and Tom Velez Members to the Municipal Alliance Committee Rev. Linda Applegate, Anthony Barone, Elizabeth Buckholz, Laura Caroccia, Dorothy Cloupe, obert Cloupe, Loretta Connin, Marguerite DeLambily, Lorraine Egan, Stephen Eckhardt, Thomas Faulkner, Denise Froberg, Nancy Joyce, Nick Juliano, PeggySue Jiliano, Rita Kakascik, June Koegh, Marie Krieger, Ginger Lowe, Marie Mundrick, Robin O'Brien, April Orlando, Lana Ostrowski, Paula Patri, Sandy Patria, Barbara Racz, Margaret Rand, Diana Rossman, Judy Santucci, Edward Scanlon, Bernard Scanlon, Kathy Scanlon, Fred Sisbarro, Monika Sisbarro, Peggy Snyder, Lois Stalter, Jo Talvacchia, Joan Topping, Jean Tymczyszyn, Gary Vaccaro, Karen Vincentini and James Wioland
Penny Lane January 03, 2013 at 09:52 PM
Nuts yep Timmy O and Robert what a pair of Nuts
Penny Lane January 03, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Tim Oh I mean poud are you wearing camo boxers under your party of 1 tea bagger outfit?
proud January 03, 2013 at 10:07 PM
Penny Lane January 03, 2013 at 10:41 PM
http://costofwar.com/ I agree Proud
Lifelong resident January 03, 2013 at 11:48 PM
It's not that I think government will make everything better but I believe that they are their to create guidelines as perameters to stay within. The unfortunate thing in my opinion is that if you believe state and federal government cannot be reformed but yet you expect local to be able to, I think your wrong. When municipalities try to do the right thing and go against higher authority they are sued . Just look at the the national healthcare bill, if we go against it we will get sued, and the Feds have more money then we have access to at local levels. Thus, we will lose ad they will win . It has to change from top down


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