Quick Chek Makes Adjustments, Neighbors Not Impressed

Store proposal changes entrance/exit onto Allenwood Road; residents still pan the plan

In an apparent effort to appease its critics, representatives from Quick Chek redrew its plans to provide access from Allenwood Road on a proposed site near Route 138. 

The convenience store chain wants to construct a 5,496-square-foot store and 16-pump gas station at 2101 Allenwood Road, near Route 138 east. It is the site of the former State Police barracks. The plan has been vigorously opposed by neighboring residents.

But Wednesday, Quick Chek representatives proposed a new plan to get people into and out of the site from Allenwood Road.

Instead of putting traffic onto Allenwood Road near the existing jug handle, the new plan calls for extending access beyond Allenwood Road about 150 feet before meeting up with the jug handle, according to Charles Olivo, a traffic engineer for Quick Chek.

The plan would require state Department of Transportation approval, Olivo said.

The majority of traffic, up to 80 percent, would be entering and leaving from Route 138, Olivo said. The configuration they propose for Allenwood Road would be sufficient to handle any proposed traffic from the site, Olivo said.

The Quick Chek proposal was blasted by numerous residents who attended, many of whom live on Allenwood Road.

“This methodology doesn’t bear up the what we experience every day in Wall Township,’’ said Michael Ferrell, of Parkwood Drive.

Numerous residents echoed Ferrell’s sentiments.

“This is something that is absolutely not needed,” said Nella Andino, of Patricia Lane.

“I just don’t think this is necessary,’’ said Henry Nonnenberg, also of Patricia Lane.

Anthony Graziano, a real estate expert testifying on behalf of Quick Chek was next to begin his testimony, which was cut short because the application ran out its allotted time.

The application is scheduled to be heard on March 21.

DD Smith February 02, 2012 at 10:41 PM
@crazy lady, it is not babble, it is my opinion. On other post that were left on this same subject, someone mentioned the gas station down the street was recently robbed and I happen to agree, that gas stations can be a problem for a town because they are the first ones to get hit, especially in the economy. I can't help you with my other comments, fill in the blanks. Let's see how much Wall zoning board cares about their residents, do you understand that.
George Brooks February 05, 2012 at 06:44 AM
who is dumb enough to want to buy a house on allenwood rd anyway? That road is a zoo! Face it, you live on a commercial rd. You're not gonna be happy with anything that is put there. Are you seriously satisfied that there is an abandoned property there right now?
NONEOFYOURBUSINESS February 05, 2012 at 03:11 PM
George, Agreed... Did they not think the area was going to be build upon. What is the difference between a gas station and a bank? Any business is going to create traffic. They should have thought about were they purchased their house. They're not going to stick a WaWa or Quick Check in a neighborhood. The same individuals that are complaining on her, I am sure enjoy a Quick Check or WAWA coffee in other towns that they travel through. They just do not want it in their backyard. Typical Wall B.S.
Michael Ferrell February 06, 2012 at 01:09 PM
TO Mr Brooks and NOYB: Your comments are absurd. Many people bought their homes years ago before Allenwood road was so congested. While most of us are not happy with an abandoned property, this use is absolutely ridiculous. The traffic flow now is bad, this will make it even worse. For NOYB, the issue here isn't WAWA or QC, it is the traffic pattern they will create and the danger their proposed adjustment will bring. The volume between a gas station and a bank are substantial with QC being 24X7 with peak traffic volume during rush hours. Another similar set up in Wall is seeing an average of over 300 cars and trucks per hour on weekday mornings. And in the case of this proposed use all the traffic will have to in one way or another exit onto Allenwood Road. There is no return exit back to 138! Along with a cut through to the turn from Allenwood road to 138 which would direct traffic across Allenwood road. I would welcome a bank, as it would be must less a disruption to the traffic patterns for for fewer hours, and almost zero peak hours each week! This isn't a "Not in my backyard" issue, but a real safety issue for anyone who will attempt to use the interestion of 138 and Allenwood road. It also will bring additional toll cheaters who avoid paying the exit 98 toll to use the commuter lot at the service area, and snake back through Belmar Boulevard to Allenwood to 138 and 34. That impact all of Wall as most of the toll from exit 98 should go to the town.
Kathy Dweck February 24, 2012 at 02:11 PM
I live around the corner off 18th Avenue, and my opinion is you are not going to be able to stop it from happening. Big companies know how to work around local planning boards to get the location that they want. Unfortunately for us, to them, it's a great location because of those heading east to the Jersey Shore. I will be surprised if in two/three years something is not built there.


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