Point Beach Says No Way to Jwoww and Snooki

Mayor and council oppose MTV filming reality show in town

Point Beach, like other towns before them, is about to tell Snooki and Jwoww to keep walking.

MTV wants to film part of the "Snooki and Jwoww" show in Point Beach, but most Point Beach officials say that's a situation they can live without.

MTV wants to film Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jennifer "Jwoww" Farley going out to night spots in Point Beach, but says they will live in a different town during the filming. And they want to start the filming on Thursday and continue through October 14, according to emails forwarded to Patch.

In separate interviews, Mayor Vincent Barrella and most members of the Borough Council say they don't plan to say yes to an application for a film permit for the reality show. The issue may come up at tonight's Point Beach Borough Council meeting at

Councilmembers Bret Gordon and Michael Corbally could not be reached for comment. However, the mayor and the rest of council, including Stephen Reid, Tim Lurie, William Mayer and Kristine Tooker, said this is something they don't want.

"I don't think we need that kind of attention right now or maybe ever," said Mayer in a phone interview. "We need to focus on being the premier family tourist destination that we are and that won't help."

Barrella said if the plan is to film the pair going out to night spots in Point Beach, as is stated in MTV's email and "letter of intent," he doesn't like the idea.

"That's not the image we'd like to project," he said.

"I wouldn't approve it," said Lurie. "Towns all over New Jersey don't want them filming there. I just don't care for it."

Tooker said in an email on Monday, "I just found out about this a few hours ago. But my initial reaction is that since the characters from that show have given the entire Jersey Shore such a negative connotation already, the last thing Point Beach wants is to be identified with that, especially now as we are trying to rebuild our image as a great destination for vacationing families in the wake of the damage that has already been done by the type of clientele that show attracts."

Morristown and Hoboken had also told the, um, fiesty pair they can live without them. An Italian-American organization even gave the Hoboken mayor an award for turning down the show which is a spinoff of "Jersey Shore," a program the group says is one of several that denigrates and perpetuates false, misleading and negative stereotypes about Italians.

At first, the folks at MTV contacted the wrong town. They first emailed Point Pleasant Borough Administrator David Maffei on July 19 asking for a film permit, according to emails forwarded to Patch.

When the confusion was sorted out, and it was confirmed that MTV was eyeballing Point Beach, that query was forwarded to Point Beach Business Administrator Chris Riehl on Saturday who emailed the mayor and council on Monday asking for their initial reaction to the film permit request.

When Dan Leibman, MTV Field Coordinator, contacted Point Borough, the email began with: "Hello David, My name is Dan and I work for MTV. We are looking to film in the (sic) Point Pleasant Borough, which would commence around August 9th through October 14th. These dates are subject to change.

"The show is a reality based show documenting the lives of our 2 cast members. When the cast would be in your town, the crew following the cast would be up to ten with two or three cameras. I have your guidelines to film in the borough. Please let me know what you need from us additionally to help with the process of obtaining a filming permit. Please feel free to call me with any questions. Thanks in a advance for your help, Dan Leibman Field Coordinator, MTV Productions."

(See MTV's letter of intent attached as a PDF.)

Snooki, now pregnant, and crew have visited Jenkinson's a number of times to dine, drink and swim, without any reports of generating police activity.

However, in Seaside Heights and other locations, police have charged the lively group with various offenses, such as this.

During the summer of 2010, Snooki had drawn attention, and a ticket, at Seaside Heights when she was stumbling about on the sand. She was arrested on July 30, 2010 and pleaded guilty to disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the beach, which is a violation of a Seaside Heights ordinance. She was sentenced to two days of community service and a $533 fine.

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