Township Committee Accepts Land, Introduces Bond Ordinance

News in brief from Wednesday's governing body meeting

Donated Land Accepted

The voted unanimously to add to its cache of open space at its regular meeting Wednesday, adopting an ordinance to accept donated land. 

The committee voted to accept a donation of a 2.7-acre parcel at 2701 18th Ave., a plot that is land-locked with a state-owned parcel.

The property is owned by the estate of Marie K. Winter, which has been trying unsuccessfully to sell the land. The family wanted instead to donate the land to the town, according to the ordinance.

The property could be used for open space and passive recreation, according to the ordinance.

The town holds a municipal tax lein on the property of $1,151.38, which would be canceled upon accepting the land, the ordinance says.

The measure was introduced by unanimous vote last month. The vote on Wednesday was 3-0, with Committeemen Clinton Hoffman and Todd Luttman absent.

A public hearing on the measure was held Wednesday, during which no member of the public spoke.

Salary Ordinance Adopted

The Township Committee also unanimously adopted a salary ordinance, setting the annual pay for municipal employees. The measure was introduced last month, also by unanimous vote.

A public hearing was held. No member of the public spoke. The vote was 3-0.

The ordinance sets salaries for municipal employees, setting minimum and maximum salaries for a broad range of employees from secretarial to police officers.

Bond Ordinance Introduced

The committee also introduced a $1.6 million bond ordinance for various township improvements, such as road paving and other big ticket items, including computer software to complete the Police Department’s transition to electronic ticketing.

A public hearing on the ordinance was scheduled for March 14.

Paul Draper February 10, 2012 at 03:32 PM
I have obtained a copy of 3-2012 from the Twp. clerk (available to anyone just for asking at Twp. Hall) I my opinion it seems filled with items which do not meet criteria for Bonding. However it's a good way to shift the burden of paying for this "stuff" to our progeny! Oh Well, could you get me another beer & pass the remote?


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