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Township Committee: What Do They Do?

Committee assignments for each of the Township Committee members

Each Township Committee member does more than the couple of hours a week for public meetings. Each is assigned to sit on various boards and sub-committees, giving each a particular sphere of influence in town.

Committee assignments are made at the pleasure of the Mayor and are fixed at each year’s organization meeting.  The following assignments are for the 2013 calendar year:

Mayor Todd Luttman: Chair, Administration & Finance; Chair, Tax Collection & Tax Assessor; Member, Planning Board; Liaison to Board of Education.

Deputy Mayor Clinton Hoffman: Deputy Chair, Administration & Finance; Deputy Chair, Tax Collector & Tax Assessor; member, Recreation Committee; Member, Environmental Advisory Committee; Member, Planning Board.

Committeewoman Ann Marie Conte: Chair Police & Emergency Management & Municipal Court; Member Senior Citizens Committee; Representative to Wall Library; Member, Community Relations/Alliance Committee; Liaison to the Board of Education; Deputy Chair, Recreation Master Plan & Town Center & Marconi Complex Committee.

Committeeman Jeffrey Foster: Chair, Public Works Water & Sewer Committee; Deputy Chair, Construction, Engineering & Land Use Committee; Chair, West Belmar Gateway Project Committee; Chair, Recreation Master Plan & Town Center & Marconi Park Complex Committee.

Committeeman George Newberry: Deputy Chair, Public Works Water & Sewer; Deputy Chair, Police & Emergency Management & Municipal Court Committee; Chair, Construction, Engineering & Land Use Committee; member, Public Assistance Board; InfoAge Representative; Deputy Chair, West Belmar Gateway Project Committee.

Frank Ross January 06, 2013 at 12:23 PM
They come up with ways to let the building dept's and code enforcement's hassle people and violate the rights of a homeowner and they get away with it.
Pepino Greenberg January 06, 2013 at 01:19 PM
you hit the hammer on the head brother.
Wally Wall January 06, 2013 at 10:40 PM
LOL ! Gate way to Wall ( West Belmar Gateway project ) ! That project sure was a success ! Hows that 3 million $ junk yard looking ! Marconi Park is pretty much a slum with a bunch of falling down buildings and a dumping ground. Also a great place for the people from Neptune to come over and relieve their dogs and leave without picking it up. They sure do pat themselves on the back an aweful lot !
Jack O'Brien January 07, 2013 at 12:07 PM
Can someone please explain to me why the Captain of the Wall police department receives the benefit of a take home car? It came to my attention this public servant resides all the way down in south jersey. The commuting mileage over the course of a year equates to thousands of dollars in fuel and tolls that are at the expense of the Wall taxpayer. How many other township employees who reside outside of Wall have take home cars? Mr. Bertrand and Twp Committee, wouldn't the savings from eliminating this perk be better served as a capital improvement to a street or a park restoration?


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