Honors For Honor Students

New members of the National Honor Society Inducted

Wall High School inducted dozens of students into the National Honor Society in a ceremony held at the high school auditorium on Jan. 4.

Founded in 1921, the National Honor Society recognizes the achievement of students in grades 10 through 12 in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Below is a list of this year's Wall High School National Honor Society inductees:

Vincent Amato

Jeannie Avon

Dakota Baumann

Andrew Block

Kerri Bridgman

Kelly Byrnes

Thomas Carlson

Caitlin Flannery

Jake Harrell

Danielle Howey

Megan Jarvis

Gabrielle Jung

Troy Klahre

Alexandria Kulnich

Alexandria Silva

Laura Nastasi

Amanda Quadrel

Fernando Rojas

Travis Rosa

Molly Shine

Evan Sweeney

Joseph Tricarico

Benjamin Siroky

Scott Van Glahn

Summer Webb

Itzel Alvarado

Daniel Ayers

Christopher Barcas

Keighly Baron

Silvia Basilone

John Bastardo

Kyle Bigornia

Austin Binder

Conrad Bischoff

Ryan Boyle

Brendan Brady

Alex Brunt

Zachary Burns

Samantha Calabrese

Lauren Caputo

Erin Casner

Hannah Champagne

Donald Corson

Kyle Critchlow

Jake Croson

Katlyn Cusack

David D'Agostino

Dawn Damiano

Danielle D'Amico

Samantha Darby

Sydney Darby

Gary DeSarno

Ariana DeBlasio

Kenneth Dioguardi

Erin Dixson

Taylor Donovan

Sean Duncan

Gerard Dunn

Morgan Durkin

Joshua Ferry

Matt Fischer

Bridget Foster

James Gallagher

Meaghan Gallagher

Megan Gray

Jennifer Guerriero

Michael Herman

Paige Jacob

Amanda Karabin

Jamie Karanassos

Jain Krikorian

Dylan Kojola

Samantha Kossey

Rebecca Kovacs

Nicole Kuerzi

Rachel Leyh

Long Xiang Lin

Sophia Lozowski

Amy Lutick

Eric Lytle

Alexa Malerba

Breanna Marchetti

Kyra Martyn

Pamela Marzella

Aimee Michel

Madison Moscatiello

Joseph Onulak

Cassandra Oresko

Brianna Paniscotti

Emily Parise

Rajan Patel

Robert Patterson

Bryce Peckman

Christopher Quinlan

Taylor Regan

Erin Rose

CaroleAnne Rubin

Ava Sardoni

Bruno Setteducati

Danielle Sikowitz

Ashley Smith

Michael Smith

Christopher Smith

Giuliana Stillo

Carolyn Surdovel

Matthew Tancredi

Artemis Tapliga

Jackson Tave

Jennifer Textor

Amelia Vitale

Maggie Wasacz

Evan Weisberg

Brian Wilser

Thomas Wishart

Grace Wnorowski

Jordan Zawodniak

Katlyn Zimmerman

JD January 12, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Thats 120 kids on the list... Wall graduates about 350. Guess NHS is not as exclusive as when I got on NHS as a Junior back in the day. It use to be Top 10% of class in Junior year... then 10-15% in Senior year or something like that.
Donald Fagen January 13, 2013 at 09:15 AM
You counted? Really?
JD January 13, 2013 at 02:29 PM
DF... yes. With that many on the list its ridiculous. Basically 1/3 of kids who graduate Wall are NHS.
m January 14, 2013 at 04:50 PM
JD it seems you never have a positive thing to say!! The listing of NHS students is from the whole school not just the senior class. How rude to suggest that these hard working students aren't worthy of the honor. I also think maybe you need to deflate your ego.
Ralph January 16, 2013 at 02:11 AM
Really, you are an idiot! Are you sure you made NHS? If you have nothing nice to say about these kids achievement then I feel you are both selfish and self centered.


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