No Word From Administration On Music Survey

Survey of parents of Intermediate School music students could be skewed; administration mum

The school district's survey of parents of Intermediate School music students has been removed from the district website, but there is still no word from the administration on an apparent flaw that could skew the results.

The deadline to participate in the online survey regarding the Wall School District’s proposal to bump music instruction from the regular school day next year was Thursday.

But the survey appeared to force participants into choosing a before-school or after-school music performance session without offering an option for parents to recommend that the district find a way to have an in-school session, according to a screen-shot of the survey obtained by Wall Patch.

That would appear to contradict the district’s position that no decision has been made on the Intermediate School schedule while feedback from the community is solicited and other options are explored.

"We're still in the process of exploring other middle school schedules in other districts," Interim Superintendent Stephanie Bilenker said last week.

Numerous requests for comment from Bilenker on Thursday, Friday and today, have not been returned. Bilenker was appointed to the district's top spot in January at a rate of $600 a day, according to her contract, which expires at the end of the month.

In the sample obtained by Wall Patch, an error message appears when a user tries to skip Question 2, which asks if the user would prefer a music instruction period before or after school. The error message says one of the two options – before or after school – must be selected before the form can be accepted.


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