Roselli: Switching Seaside Heights Superintendent Has 'No Impact' on Toms River

Seaside Heights will be led by Central Regional superintendent after July 1

Seaside Heights' decision to have Central Regional oversee its school district will have no impact on Toms River Regional, according to Frank Roselli, the Toms River Regional superindent.

"There will be no impact of any consequence to Toms River Regional Schools given the decision by the Seaside Heights Board of Education to sever the shared services agreement," Roselli said in a recently prepared statement.

Roselli's shared service agreement with Seaside Heights to also serve as superintendent to the 120-student elementary school will end .

Thereafter, Central Regional Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides will oversee Seaside Heights. The previous service was a vestige of the agreement that Michael Ritacco would serve as superintendent, and after his arrest and retirement in October 2010 following bribery charges, Roselli was as the superintendent for Toms River and continued the agreement to serve Seaside Heights.

Following Ritacco's to mail fraud and conspiracy to impede the IRS, the Seaside Heights school board opted to switch to Parlapanides.

A Toms River Regional superintendent — first Ritacco and then Roselli — had been serving as Seaside Heights superintendent for the last eight years. Roselli also serves as superintendent at Seaside Park.

Roselli commended the Seaside Heights community and wished them well.

"The staff, students, parents and community members played a significant role in all of the accomplishments that took place over the course of our eight year tenure in the Hugh J. Boyd Elementary school in Seaside Heights," Roselli said. "We wish them all well."

Ken May 16, 2012 at 08:36 PM
FD...maybe he left because he knew Ritacco was going down and he did not want to go down with him.
Tired of the status quo May 17, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Patricia, I hope that you are making the comments for the parents and BOE of Seaside Heights. Because if you are making these comments about the residents that comprise the Toms River Regional School District you are completely way off base. There were many residents that attend the meetings every month who were shouting from the roof tops that there was something amiss with the district and they were either jeered from the teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and anyother employee of the district or they were called malcontents or the yellow pad people. So looking at the way that things turned out who seemed to be right? It is not a who can top who thing here, all that these people are and were trying to do is put the money that was being stolen from the teachers and the students back where it belongs. And, from where I sat on Tuesday night it seemed to me like things are still business as usual here in Toms River Regional School District. To quote Jon Bonjovi "Its all the same only the names will change" and the only name that has changed with the administration is going from Ritacco to Roselli. The change that is needed is not only with the BOE members who have been there for as long as 20 years but, there needs to be a total clearing out of the administrators as well. How about we go and do a REAL search and find someone who is not connected to ANYONE in the district and hire them for a year and see how they do and if they are not (to be continued)
Tired of the status quo May 17, 2012 at 12:24 PM
doing the job that they were hired for then after that contract is fullfilled we go out and look for someone else who can do it better and more efficient. This district NEEDS to stop handing out these long term deals to the administrators. Perhaps of the TRRSD took a page out of the Brick Township School District Mr. Ritacco would not have been able to get away with what he did for so many years. To quote the Toms River Regional Schools mantra after all it is "FOR THE CHILDREN" isn't it?
Patricia May 17, 2012 at 07:45 PM
First, not fighting with anyone....not my intend. Second love the Bon Jovi lyric! Big Fan! Third....No i didn't mean Toms River, I actually mean everyone in the State. You see most people, teachers, staff, parents only get involved in a subject when it involves them directly, when it doesnt they can care less. that is my thought. for example in my former district the "reg" ed students parents don't come to meetings when funding is taken away from "special" ed students and or the other way around. We as a whole need to be involved as a whole. If one district is, say "on demand" to provide parents/taxpayers with a budget and get our approval before hand then all districts should. it would be nice since in reality we are paying them for these jobs. for exampl in 2008 central regional recieved about 1.1 million according to Trenton for special ed students however, no services changed for these kids, no computer lab access no media center access no trips. yet no "reg" parents complained, because it didnt effect them. but when budget cuts hit the next year and there may not have been football there was a "riot". Education should be a concern for all. So as a whole we all need to be involved. My last BOE meeting there were 5 parents and 3 of them came with me. So I dont fault anyone from being wary, but no one can step in and fix the problem right away Roselli, or anyone else needs time to do it. we just need to give him the time. but he knows we will ALL be watching.....
Justin August 13, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Speaking from a Seaside resident, with someone in the district, Toms River was the best thing to happen for our school, district and students. The Central Regional deal will hurt everyone in our district immensely. They provided us with anything we needed, this will not be the case with Central. We are feeling the burden already and school hasn't even started yet!


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