UPDATE: Snow Delays Court Session For Two Former Wall Administrators

James Habel and Sandra Brower
James Habel and Sandra Brower
Snow delayed a status conference for two former Wall Township school district administrators who face possible extended jail time stemming from two cases of alleged misconduct.

Former Lacey Superintendent Sandra Brower, who was released on her own recognizance, pleaded not guilty in the summer to charges of official misconduct, hindering apprehension and obstruction. She faces 16 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Former Superintendent James F. Habel faces a maximum sentence of 97 years in prison if convicted on all charges. His bail was set by Vernoia at $250,000 with an option to post a 10 percent bond.

Both were scheduled to appear at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Both appeared before Superior Court Judge Francis J. Vernoia in Freehold during the summer for an arraignment hearing. Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Charles Webster confirmed the pleas.

Habel, 56, now of Dunedin, Fla., pleaded not guilty to 14 charges including official misconduct, money laundering, theft, eight counts of falsifying records and stealing a district-paid iPad. Authorities have said he took more than $400,000 from the district by claiming he worked when he was actually out of state, and taking actions to falsify vacation and other records.

Prosecutors also have charged him with mortgage fraud, based on statements he allegedly made to banks regarding the mortgages on his house in Florida and his previous home in Point Pleasant.

He is also charged in a separate case with failing to notify authorities of the possible abuse of a child by a teacher.

Habel has been joined in court by Brower, 46, his former assistant superintendent, who most recently served as superintendent of the Lacey Township school district.

Brower was initially charged and arraigned in the case of failing to notify authorities of possible abuse, but had to be re-arraigned on those charges Monday since Habel's name was added to an indictment.
Gail Maher January 03, 2014 at 07:14 PM
Snow storm even helps them catch a break!
Rick Ricky January 03, 2014 at 08:59 PM
Neither one of them don't deserve a break. The corruption in Wall has been going on way to long. Everyone pretends they didn't know what has been going on is a joke in itself. They both need to be strung up as well as Stotrs and others. The misconduct and abuse of public trust that went on under all their leadership and power against helpless students and parents. That includes some teachers too. You don't have a leg to stand on with all the power that they are given. It is very hard to prove and they knew it. The reason they got away with it all. Don't think parents didn't complain. They were ignored as usual. Some Teachers& staff complained as well and was ignored too. What makes me laugh is the Teachers, Administrators and staff who is now suing Wall who thought it was all right when it was someone else they were abusing. Hahaha...Most likely they will get away with all the crimes or be used as another example. They would throw the book at someone else that did half the crimes as these clowns. It is a shame all these unethical educators give the good ones a bad name.
Rick Ricky January 03, 2014 at 09:49 PM
If they can prove what these once educators and current educators did and do. They would all be thrown in jail for a very long time. 97 years isn't enough if you ask me.
Parent January 10, 2014 at 07:25 AM
The next time we waste ink on these names can it go something like this: Habel gets_____ years! Brower gets_____ years! The end


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