Tree Planting At West Belmar School To Mark Arbor Day

County Freeholders to plant a Swamp White Oak on school grounds

The Monmouth County Freeholder Board will mark Arbor Day with a tree planting at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at West Belmar Elementary School, according to a release.

Freeholders will plant a swamp white oak tree. Each student also will receive a tube seedling to plant in his or her own yard, the release says.

Trees of swamp white oak provide cover for birds and mammals. The acorns are sweet and are an important food for wildlife such as squirrels, mice, white-tailed deer and a variety of birds. The crown shape and bi-colored leaves are attractive features. The leaves turn yellow in the fall, with an occasional red-purple, the release says.           

“Swamp white oaks are typically planted on highway rights-of-way and are frequently used as shade tree for large lawns, golf courses, parks and naturalized areas,” Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone said in the release. “They grow well in areas that are dry or poorly drained and will tolerate soil compaction.”

Arbor Day is Friday, April 29. It is a day dedicated to tree planting and increasing awareness of the importance of trees. The first Arbor Day was in 1872.


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