Wall Board Ed. May Pick New Member on Feb. 18

Kerrin McGowan, Allison Field, Carmine Venezia, Kirk Evangeliou and Suresh Madhaven want the job

l. to r. in center of photo: Wall Board of Education President Kenneth Dioguardi leans over to confer with Interim Schools Superintendent Stephanie Bilenker at Thursday night's Wall Board of Education meeting at Wall Intermediate School
l. to r. in center of photo: Wall Board of Education President Kenneth Dioguardi leans over to confer with Interim Schools Superintendent Stephanie Bilenker at Thursday night's Wall Board of Education meeting at Wall Intermediate School
The Wall Board of Education may select a new board member at its Feb. 18 meeting, said Board President Kenneth Dioguardi after the board's Thursday night meeting at the Intermediate School.

Originally, the board had considered choosing a new member at its Tuesday night meeting, but that was canceled due to inclement weather. They didn't want to pick a new member Thursday night, Dioguardi said, because Board Member Eric Brophy was absent.

"It wouldn't be fair to appoint a new board member with a board member missing," Dioguardi said. The Thursday night meeting was the rescheduled date, to make up for the Tuesday night cancellation, and by the time it was rescheduled, Brophy had another commitment and could not be at the board meeting, Dioguardi said.

"Our goal is to pick a new board member at the next meeting," he said. 

The five people who want the job are: Allison Field; Carmine Venezia; Kirk Evangeliou; Kerrin McGowan and Suresh Madhaven. Evangeliou and McGowan have served as appointed board members, but failed to win reelection when their appointed terms ended, Dioguardi said.

There is a vacancy because Denise Vodola decided she didn't want to be on the board shortly before she won a board seat in this past November election.

If Vodola had accepted the seat she was elected to, she would have been serving for one year, filling an unexpired term. That unexpired term exists because Joseph Tonzola resigned from his board seat with one year left in his term, Dioguardi said.

Initially, Raymond Bandlow had also shown interest. in the current vacancy However, at the Jan. 7 meeting, he withdrew his name from consideration, said Interim Schools Superintendent Stephanie Bilenker.

There have been numerous board vacancies and replacements, and a few administrative replacements, during the past two years, when the district also saw James F. Habel, former superintendent, and Sandra Brower, former assistant superintendent, brought up on charges that are still pending.

The most significant change in the composition of the board occurred when Eva Applegate, who served on the board for 27 years, decided not to run again after she finished her term which ended at the end of last year. 

"This is a very young board. Our most senior board members have two years experience," noted Board Vice President Robin Zawodniak after the meeting. 

"All the candidates interested now are all very good," Dioguardi said, adding he does not know who the board will select.
Rick Ricky January 24, 2014 at 04:09 PM
Well, that is relief that all current new board members and interested candidates are all very good. Wall needs really good to make up for the very bad that has been on the board supporting the corrupt Habel and that includes Eva Applegate. That is great that she put 27 years of service in but it gets overshadowed when you have problems that were ignored. She had many opportunities to do right by the Wall Township Kids and tax residents and didn't. She gave in to Habel too. She voted that his cable bill in both NJ and Florida was paid for the past 10 years and all his unnecessary perks that was taken away from our community kids. Never mind the cost. By the way what is going on with Storts?They also all knew about Storts the principal at Central. That was also ignored. How many complaints can you get from parents, staff until something is done? How many threats can be made, unfairness against just some of the kids, labeling some kids and special treatment for others, clearly hiding things under his own rules before it becomes huge problems for the district. He was able to do and get away with everything and anything he wanted under Habel while he was to busy ripping the tax payers and kids off. Interim Superintendent Stephanie Bilenker is the best thing that happened to Wall and the person to straighten out Wall that it so desperately needs. Hopefully this board really listens to her because she will straighten it all out if given time.
Rick Ricky January 24, 2014 at 04:13 PM
The BOE needs to listen to Stephanie Bilenker's advice.


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