Belmar Marina 9th Ave. Pier, Mini-Golf Reopens

Borough of Belmar paid for repairs with bond, expecting FEMA reimbursement

Time to grab a putter or simply go for a jaunt: Belmar Marina's 9th Avenue Pier and its mini-golf course have reopened.

Monday was the first day of operation, with 11 a.m. being the first tee time for the season at the mini-golf course.

Though some additional work needs to be done at the marina, the 9th Avenue Pier is now open, in a week expected to have temperatures regularly reaching the mid50s and sunny.

The Monday reopening marks another open facility shuttered for months by Hurricane Sandy. Though the mini-golf course is normally closed for winter, this winter saw the marina pier undergo renovations after Hurricane Sandy.

The 9th Avenue Pier bar is closed currently, but could open this weekend after completing a borough inspection of repairs made after Hurricane Sandy.

Councilwoman Claire Deicke provided details of the marina project as part of the mayor's report in Matt Doherty's absence from the last council meeting. She said work began after a $4 million bond was approved by the council. Belmar is expecting 75 percent of that to be reimbursed by FEMA.

The bond will require a 5 percent down payment of $200,000 in the 2013 budget, she said.

The department of public works is completely some more work at the marina, Deicke said, and the marina building itself will be used for one more year.


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