What Will Rebuilt Belmar Boardwalk Look Like?

Borough releases plans, goes to bid

The Belmar boardwalk will see an upgrade to its ability to weather major storms, but otherwise the borough is planning to rebuild its major tourism destination very similar to its pre-Sandy look.

Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, the Belmar boardwalk will be rebuilt in a $20 million project that will use current codes — an upgrade from the 1970s-90s building codes when pilings were 12 feet. The new boardwalk will be built with 25 foot pilings and be banded underneath with hurricane straps, but will otherwise be the same length, width and height.

Mayor and council said the plans were drafted nearly identically to the old boardwalk not just because FEMA reimburses projects that rebuild "as it was" but because they didn't want to tamper with creating a boardwalk that didn't feel like it was Belmar's.

For example, Councilwoman Claire Deicke mentioned that in hurricane-ravaged New York, officials there were considering concrete boardwalks. It wasn't right for Belmar, as it was such a drastic change from the boardwalk experience Belmar residents and visitors are familiar with, she said.

Instead, the Belmar boardwalk will be rebuilt with boards of a synthetic material — not wood. Possibly a Truex brand, the boards come in several colors that the borough is choosing from.

The full plans of the boardwalk, as well as sample boards, were on display in Monday's council meeting and afterward were posted in the town hall lobby. Check out the gallery of images on this article for some of the drawings.

Mayor and council are working aggressively to open the boardwalk for Memorial Day 2013, but Mayor Matt Doherty said in a presentation Monday the concession stands may not be ready and could possibly operate out of trailers that first summer.

The $20 million bond approved Monday pays for $17 million in boardwalk rebuilding, and $3 million in debris removal of the old boardwalk.


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Richard Mackay December 06, 2012 at 10:37 PM
If Belmar is going to be able to pull off this project by Memorial day they should hire maybe 3 or 4 union contractors that have a solid history of delivering a quality product on time. The union contractor has an access to thousands of tax paying trained professionals.If they decide to go with a non-union contractor that hire illegal aliens then you will get what you pay for and when its not done on time the only one to blame will be the politicians in charge.
paulie December 07, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Richard - I think you misunderstood this article. They want it open for summer 2013, not 2014. Also, I doubt Belmar wants it to come in at 150% of budget. So I got to disagree with you on 3 or 4 union contractors.


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